Art Gate VR: the Meta Biennale
Nov 18 - Dec 19, 2021

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The Meta Biennale is centered on the idea of the Metaverse— where virtual worlds expand to become mainstream hubs for social interaction, exchange and entertainment.  The Metaverse is our evolution beyond globalism as we move into a climate-concerned, virtually interconnected world. The Meta Biennale invites contributions that confront futuristic visions of technologies head-on – holographic, virtual, motion captured, live-streamed and augmented. Understanding that most humans will participate in virtual worlds and how social media impacts society, the Meta Biennale reflects on our transition to metaverses as  a merging of gaming and socializing that connects new models of virtual worlds directly to our physical existence, instead of isolating from it. The Meta Biennale invites projects and exhibitions that are centered on reflections that lean into our interconnected futures – let’s bring our ideas and minds together to decide how it will evolve.